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New Designs!

Spring is Finally Here and Things are Looking Up!

Spring and Easter are finally upon us and with warmer days we all strive to spend more time outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends. Spring also makes us want to “freshen up”  our lives, our homes and our wardrobe!  At last week’s Housewares International Show we saw many looks that reflected this newness of spring. Color was everywhere. The trend for vibrant greens, aquas and blues continue with the addition of fun “gelato” colors  (lilac, coral, retro peach).

Metallic treatments and foils continue to be very strong,  with the emphasis on gold tones. The foliage and tropical looks we originally saw in Atlanta were also well represented.  The show appeared to be very busy and we had several good meetings.

We are all  full speed ahead at Curtis as we get ready for Licensing Show in Las Vegas in May. This year we will be displaying several new art boards, including one based on Trend which we are really excited about. Since this year Nicole and Cris will be the only ones at our booth and to maximize our time we have already started scheduling meetings.  So, if you are attending and would like to meet, please contact us so we can set time aside!

March and April are always very busy times for us usually with about  75% of our licensees working on  Spring/Summer 2019 and the rest working on Fall/Winter.  Our designers are currently hard at work on various new looks based on these requests. We have not only harvested new art that has never been seen before, but  we also are also re-inventing prior works to reflect current color and thematic trends. Hopefully soon we will be able to share with you some of these great new lines! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek.

March Licensee Spotlight: Springs Creative

A leader in the textile industry, Springs Creative embodies the creativity and innovation we love to see in licensees. Never afraid to re-work our artwork in ingenious ways, their line includes fabrics for the do-it-yourself market and packaged craft products. Since our relationship began back in 2015, we’ve worked together on traditional lines you may expect for novelty fabric-by-the-yard such as holiday, sports and farm.  To date though, the bestselling sku has been our Leading Ladies artwork worked into various coffee and wine themes.  At Curtis, we love seeing how this inventive company adapts our art and often get some inspiration from their great designs!

As always, please let us know if you have any artwork needs.

You can reach us at (317) 634-1100.

Your friends at Curtis Licensing.